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Today's Society


There is compelling evidence in the Word of God that the fruit consumed by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was sexual/spiritual treason and it was immoral.  The very act separated them from God and banished them from the beautiful habitation that God had created for them to enjoy.

God commanded Adam and Eve to befruitful and multiply. We know the natural way mankind multiplies is by sex between a man and a woman.  The man has the seed (sperm) that has to fertilize a woman's egg to produce.



What was the forbidden fruit God talks about in the Book of Genesis?  You can ask random people (men & women) what was the forbidden fruit that Eve ate that is mentioned in the Book of Genesis.  Many people who have not studied the Word of God will say it was an Apple but there is no reference in the Bible that indicates the forbidden fruit was an Apple.

We know the fruit was a part of a tree in the garden that God instructed Adam to not eat from.

Faith & Race

During a recent ride using a ride service, I wont't say which service (Uber or Lyft), the driver and I were chatting and somehow the conversation shifted to faith.  The driver asked me if I was religious.  I told him I did not consider myself religious but righteous and that in my opinion religion has been very detrimental to the Christian faith.  The driver said, "Oh, so you are a Christian." I responded, "yes."  He then indicated that Christianity is a religion and I told him it was not a religion but a faith.


Before I came to know & understand the Word of God as it relates to racial & ethnic matters, I questioned if God loved people of color (those with melanin in their skin that creates dark brown to black pigment in the hair, skin & eyes).  I was taught in my youth that Jesus loves us (people of color) but wondered why society had a hard time showing love toward people of color.  

I saw people of color disrespected, killed without consequence, disenfranchised, oppressed and trapped in a world system designed to enslave their capability to advance and rise up.

Today's Society

When I look at the content, plots and visuals on television, social media, music & radio in today's society, it looks like a culture influenced by our fallen nature rather than influenced by the higher nature that comes with being born-again.

In today's society, the affect/actions of the fallen nature are celebrated, supported and rewarded. It's as if the world is saying "God we want your blessings, protection and support but we don't want you and your ways."

When the consequences of shunning the Lord start to manifest in today's society, God is blamed when in fact, God has absolutely nothing to do with it and is constantly advocating through His Word and ministers to get people to change their course because He does not want to see you suffer the consequences.


Some people in today's society think the Bible (Word of God) is antiquated, outdated and old fashion. Some believe it is no longer relevant in this modern society.  God said His Word never changes and will stand even when everything else in this material natural world is gone. 

I believe many of the diseases and dysfunctional human behavior is a direct correlation with people shunning and not allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them. There is much work to be done to continue to preach the Word of God but when resources are limited, it is difficult to reach the masses.  So I challenge people to witness from where they are using any platform or media outlet to speak and uplift the name of Jesus Christ. 


I haven't posted on this blog for awhile. I decided today that I was going to start posting again. We are living in a time when it seems like people in today's society live so contrary to how the Word of God (Bible) indicates in the New Testament that we are suppose to live.

When you do pattern your life after the way God indicates it should be done, it seems like you are the minority and people treat you like you are doing something wrong.

I have learned that it is not our business how people choose to live their lives (judge) but it is our business as born-again believers to be an example of how it should be done even when you are consider peculiar by the world.